Meet Our Support Staff

Working with attorneys, Steven Bruce and Rebecca Bruce, we have two full-time employees.

Amy Murray has worked for Bruce & Bruce since October of 2008.  Her title is Office Manager.  She is the primary person to answer the phone when our clients call the office, and she provides primary support to attorney Steven Bruce, though she does assist Rebecca Bruce as well and handle many office details for us.  We appreciate Amy’s positive personality, commitment to customer service, and her dedication to her position at Bruce & Bruce.

picture of amy and steven

Jessica San Miguel worked for Bruce & Bruce previously as a legal assistant to Rebecca Bruce.   A few years after graduating from Ball State, Jessica returned to work as a full-time Paralegal in January of 2019.   Jessica is professional, personable, and detail-oriented.  She provides primary support to attorney Rebecca Bruce in her adoption practice, though she does assist Steven as well in litigation and other cases, and is our go-to person for keeping our practice efficient and organized.

Picture of Jessica.jpg

November is National Adoption Month

You may have seen the Facebook posts showing up saying “Touched by Adoption.”  So many families have been touched by adoption and November, as National Adoption Month, is a great time to spread the word about how wonderful adoption can be.   We are looking forward to finalizing adoptions at National Adoption Day events in three different counties this month!  Rebecca has clients finalizing their adoptions in Grant County on November 17th in the morning, in Delaware County on November 17th (all afternoon long!), and in Henry County on November 20th in the morning.   When it’s all said and done, it’s looking like we will finalize adoptions of around 30 children this month!  This month will be a whirlwind of activity – but so very worth it!

Welcome to our new website!

The other day we “discovered” that the company hosting our website apparently had closed down … without giving us any notice.   While we have lost the ability to access the content we had uploaded through that company, we are excited to have a new website through  Our new site is live now and is mobile friendly (something our old site was not).   So we made lemonade out of lemons.  That’s often the way it is in life … and in law, too!   In any case, we created this new site as quickly as possible so it’s pretty basic as of June 27, 2017 … but we plan to add content and improve it as we go.  Feel free to shoot Rebecca Bruce any comments or suggestions you may have about our site.  She’s our “webmaster.”  cheer_up_yellow_emoji_party_happy_face_symbol_classic_round_sticker-r821c9ad7d35943228f0f0e973050e063_v9wth_8byvr_324